Dynamics CRM Health Check

Maximize your Dynamics CRM investment

As your business grows and changes over time, your CRM should be evolving as well.

The Dynamics CRM Health Check is a snapshot of how your solution is working today. Our CRM experts work directly with your internal CRM project stakeholders to better understand the business objectives of the current deployment, conduct a thorough review of the solution, and provide recommendations and a strategy on how to move forward.

Why invest in a Dynamics CRM Health Check?

  • A health check can potentially save money by providing support personnel clues they need to solve future issues quicker.
  • A health check surfaces important details about risks that could potentially result in downtime, lost revenue and dissatisfied users.
  • Many areas of potential concern for a CRM System are not surfaced at the CRM Administrator level or in traditional event logs. The Health Check will surface these issues and suggest corrective actions.

Our report includes:

  • Assessment Overview – a summary of findings highlighting areas of concern
  • Quick Wins List – a list of easy to implement Dynamics CRM improvements
  • Roadmap Overview – a high-level list of recommendations on how to optimize the CRM deployment with short- and long-term timelines
  • Tailored Support Plan – a blueprint for customized support unique to your organization designed to free up internal resources and raise the productivity and satisfaction of end users
  • Breakdown of Costs – a list of costs to address the action items uncovered by the Health Check
  • All Health Checks are performed by Microsoft Certified Professionals. Recommendations provided will comply to all known Microsoft best practices.

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