Dynamics CRM Migration to Cloud Assessment

Are you ready to move to the Cloud?

An increasing number of Dynamics CRM customers are moving from their CRM On-premises solution to Microsoft’s cloud version, Dynamics 365 (formerly knows as Dynamics CRM Online). For many companies, moving to a cloud-based solution ensures the business can take advantage of the Dynamics CRM enhancements first. This enhancement delivery will help promote the continuous process improvement throughout the organization while maintaining focus on your primary business objectives.

Other benefits of moving to a cloud solution include simplifying your IT infrastructure and some potential cost savings. Your company will no longer be responsible to budget for initial IT capital expenditures and upgrade costs – you can manage the operational costs of having a continuously updated business solution and scale the solution as with your demands. Microsoft’s online security is unrivaled in the industry, with multiple failover redundancies and backup built-in.

The Office365 and Dynamics365 platforms bring together the entire Microsoft ecosystem for office productivity, in one convenient, easy to use and cost-effective solution that is accessible from anywhere.

Why Vertical Lift

To ensure a smooth migration from on-premises to cloud, there are specific steps that must be addressed. While each deployment is unique, we have developed a “CRM On-premise to Cloud Migration Assessment”.

Our cloud migration assessment will review your current deployment and the specific steps, risks and timelines required to move you to the cloud solution. We take into consideration reporting, third party solutions, custom integrations, plug-ins and other applications.

Let us ensure your organization has a clear path to migrating to cloud based computing.

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