Dynamics CRM Staff Services

Microsoft Certified Professionals to assist your team

Business is constantly changing and so is the technology that supports your business. Your organization employs in-house CRM experts, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to stay current with ever-changing technology. And having someone on staff that is knowledgeable in every area is impractical and expensive.

There are also situations where your company needs assistance – a medical absence, maternity/paternity leave, or staff departure can put a strain on your resources. Assigning inexperienced or ill-equipped staff to your CRM implementation could have negative consequences such as security risks, compromised data, and system downtime.


Why Vertical Lift

With our Dynamics CRM Staff Augmentation services, you can count on our team of Microsoft Certified professionals who have the skills and experience to meet your organization’s needs. With our continuous implementation and consulting experience, our experts are able to stay on top of new technologies – so your employees don’t have to.

From solution architects to technical consultants, developers, CRM system administrators, training and support desk, we can provide you with short- or long-term staffing, either on-site or remote.

You can take advantage of this service any time you need additional resources to support a large CRM initiative such as data migration, ERP integration, plug-in development, rollouts to new departments, training, and other projects.

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